Traditional Character Courses in Cantonese Pronunciation

Expand your Cantonese circle by learning traditional characters in Cantonese Pronunciation (and their respective Cantonese characters, if any) with Sue Marguerite and Dope Chinese with Gloria.

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Read sentences right from the very first lesson

Each lesson has 20 characters and then combinations using them. With 40 sentences in lessons 1-5 and 20 sentences and a story from Lesson 6 onwards, you'll be reading full sentences right from the start! The lessons build on themselves, so you'll be amazed at how quickly you learn the characters and combinations.

Learn to read SWC and Cantonese characters

The course focuses on teaching you Standard Written Chinese (SWC) characters, but we also learn the respective Cantonese characters and learn how to translate from SWC to Cantonese to English. 

Join the awesome community

Each level has its own dedicated community page (kinda like Facebook) where you can ask questions and share what you've been discovering about Cantonese and Traditional Characters both in and outside of the class. 

"I have been learning Cantonese for a few years now - just listening and speaking. But learning Chinese characters with Sue was a new experience and improved my understanding for Cantonese a lot. I like the way how Sue explains thing and enjoy very much to work with her as she is extremely friendly and pleasant teacher!"
Jens E

Level 1 student - April 2022
Level 2 student - June 2022
Level 3 student - September 2022

Sue is a great teacher! She is patient and knowledgeable. The classes are fun and go at an easeful pace where you don't feel overwhelmed. However, that does not mean you won't learn much. I am surprised at how much I have learned from the course. It is a great feeling recognizing Chinese characters, or even better, reading whole sentences!
L Chin

Level 1 student - April 2022
Level 2 student - June 2022
Level 3 student - December 2022

Sue is very sweet and humble, and her teaching style is one of providing guidance while also being really open to questions. Her ability to hear what the tone mistakes are and gently correct them is kind of a superpower! She's very encouraging and provides an open, welcoming atmosphere for learning, regardless of where you are on your Cantonese-learning journey.
Judy W.

Level 1 student - April 2022 

"Sue Marguerite's course "Level 1- Chinese Characters in Cantonese Pronunciation" was fantastic. Learning character writing and comprehension, in both formal written and spoken Cantonese, has been a wonderful lesson in my ongoing Cantonese learning process. While many teachers focus on the spoken language only-- it is important to learn some basic characters and how the spoken Cantonese diverges from the formal written characters. Sue Marguerite's style of teaching was very engaging and thoughtful in her understanding of the learner's perspective and challenges. I enjoyed the class tremendously and plan to attend the next level. "
Dr. Beverly Yuen Thompson
 Sociology Professor, Albany, New York, USA
Level 1 Student - June 2022
Level 2 Student - September 2022 
"The Level 1 Chinese Characters in Cantonese Pronunciation course was a fantastic experience. The university level course material was thorough and very well organized. Learning new characters in context with sentences helped me quickly understand how different Chinese characters and expressions are used in writing and speaking.
One of the key values of the course is that Sue Marguerite teaches the pronunciation of the sentences in standard written Chinese, the pronunciation in everyday spoken Cantonese, and in English. Learning the first 100 characters in this course was much easier than I had expected.
Sue Marguerite is an exceptional teacher and coach. She helps you pronounce each of the characters and coaches you when you’re a little bit off with respect to the tones. The entire course was a lot of fun while being educational at the same time."
David H.
Level 1 Student - June 2022
Level 2 Student - September 2022
Level 3 Student - December 2022