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Level 3 -Read to Learn: Advanced Reading with Gloria

Practice reading 5 E-books (Level 3) to expand your vocabulary!



1. Engaging and Interactive Learning Experience

➤Students can choose to read in oral or written form.
➤Students can listen to every book narrated by native speaker in oral/written Cantonese

2. Practical Applications in Real Life

➤Teach you how to read and understand complex texts in a variety of contexts
➤Solidate the words and expressions from Level 3 course

3. Comprehensive Curriculum 

➤It covers all aspects of Cantonese reading, including vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and context.

What you will learn during this course,

  • 100+ common expressions related to level 3
  • Grammar and sentence structure
  • The ways to analyze the long and difficult sentences

Gloria Ng

6 years of Teaching Experience in Languages

Hello, everyone, I am Gloria.
I taught languages in international schools in China and Thailand after I finished my study. I start to found my Youtube "Dope Chinese" to help foreigners learn more Chinese/Cantonese culture and language.
I firmly believe that arousing interest is the first step towards learning a new language, and therefore, I am here to add some funs to your characters learning.

Course Price


Level 3 Read to Learn: Advanced Reading with Gloria

  • One Class a Week (1 hour/class; 5 lessons in total)
  • Zoom with 2-4 students
  • Email support; Community Page; E-book; Quizlet

Course Curriculum

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.


The course will include 5 lessons (1hr/lesson) about 6 E-books learning related to the words of each lesson. Both written and oral version of each Ebook are provided. I will also record voice clips for each so that you can review it after class. 

Certainly! I will tell you each character's literal meaning and explain new words to you culturally, To help you remember it well, I will make quizlets for each E-book.

There are a few time slots for you to choose. Monday/Wednesday/Thursday:  8pm-10pm EST
If you would like to have class at another time, please email me to get more information.

Since the high fee of Paypal, I won't accept PayPal anymore. I am available to Western Union, Remitly, Wise, etc. Please follow the instructions in the video. After your purchase, leave me your email and I will add you to our course.

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