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Level 3 - Chinese Characters in Cantonese Pronunciation with Gloria

The next 60 characters and more than 350 combinations! (Lesson 10-12)



Progressive Learning

➤Start with basic characters and gradually building up to more complex ones. 

Engaging and Interactive Learning Experience

➤Students can choose to read in oral or written form.
 ➤Students can listen to every e-book narrated by native speaker in oral/written Cantonese

Comprehensive Curriculum 

➤It covers all aspects of Cantonese reading, including vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and context.
➤Practice your listening and speaking skill every class.

What you will learn during this course,

  • 350+ common expressions related to level 3
  • Grammar and sentence structure 
  • The ways to analyze the long and difficult sentences

Gloria Ng

6 years of Teaching Experience in Languages

Hello, everyone, I am Gloria.
I taught languages in international schools in China and Thailand after I finished my study. I start to found my Youtube "Dope Chinese" to help foreigners learn more Chinese/Cantonese culture and language. 
I firmly believe that arousing interest is the first step towards learning a new language, and therefore, I am here to add some funs to your characters learning.

Course Price


Level 3 Course (8 Weeks)

  • Two Classes a Week 
  • Max. 4 students
  • Email support; Community Page; E-book
  • 60 characters and over 350 phrases

Course Curriculum

Available Time Slots

If there is no perfect time on the calendar,

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.


Certainly! I will tell you each character's literal meaning and explain new words to you culturally, To help you remember it well, I will make quizlets for each E-book.

Monday and Thursday: 8pm-9pm EST.
If you would like to have class at another time, please email me to get more information.

Since the high fee of Paypal, I won't accept PayPal anymore. I am available to Western Union, Remitly, Wise, etc. Please follow the instructions in the video. After your purchase, leave me your email and I will add you to our course.

This course will last 8 weeks, including 20 classes (twice a week) After you finish this course, we will schedule an one-on-one lesson to test your learning.

Sorry, I can't rearrange another lesson for you since it will be too complicated. I understand there are some barriers blocking our way to learning but I hope you can challenge yourself and make it. If you miss our class, you can still watch the recordings of the class and catch up with our progress.

After your payment, please fill in your information so that we can add you into our course manually ASAP.