Chinese Characters in Cantonese Pronunciation with Sue - Level 3

The next 100 characters and more than 350 combinations! (Lessons 11-15)


Progressive Learning

The lessons build on themselves to give you a LOT of exposure to the characters and combinations you're learning. This makes it easy to retain the characters you're learning in a fun and relatively painless way. 

Engaging and Interactive Learning Experience

You'll watch the videos and print the vocabulary, activity sheets, and flashcards. Then you'll join Zoom "office hours" to practice, ask any questions you have, and be quizzed on the characters. Visit my calendly page to see what times are being offered!

Comprehensive Curriculum 

You're given all the tools you need to succeed in a "safe" environment -- meaning there is little to be overwhelmed about! Videos, vocabulary, grammar notes, writing practice -- it's all organized  in a way to guarantee success!

What you will learn in Level 3:

  • 100 Standard Written Characters (for a total of 300 characters if you've taken Levels 1 and 2)
  • Cantonese spoken equivalent characters
  • 350+ common expressions
  • Grammar and sentence structure 

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Note: Evening Zoom sessions change from week to week

Let's get learning! 

Level 3 includes everything you need to learn to read and write Traditional Characters in Cantonese Pronunciation:

  • Vocabulary
  • Sentences & Stories
  • Flashcards
  • Stroke Order Videos
  • Stroke Order Writing Sheets
  • Zoom Sessions
  • Private Community Page

Sue Marguerite

Having lived in Hong Kong for over 30 years, Sue Marguerite learned Cantonese and how to read and write characters as an adult. She knows how to ensure you'll have the best experience and truly learn these characters and combinations because she's done it successfully herself!

Course Curriculum


Of course! The curriculum from Chinese University builds on itself beautifully to ensure you get maximum exposure and usage of each character and the most common combinations.  

Zoom sessions are bookable via my calendly link. You can choose to create your own lesson schedule by booking the same times each week, or be more flexible and sign up for sessions when you have time or need help. 

Sue Marguerite conducts her lessons in English, while Gloria tends to use more Cantonese. Sue uses only the materials from Chinese University (CU), while Gloria incorporates her own learning materials, including e-books and quizlets. Sue teaches in Yale spelling with Jyutping tone numbers, while Gloria's teaches Yale in the CU curriculum, but uses Jyutping in her own materials. As Gloria uses her own materials in addition to the CU curriculum, her Level 3 classes cover only Lessons 10-12; while Sue's Level 3 covers Lessons 11-15. 

That's entirely up to you!  But on average, and working at a steady pace, it will take between 8 to 12 weeks to complete Level 3. 

There is no limit to the Zoom sessions you may attend during the first three months after you purchase the course. Afterwards, you can always ask questions in the community pages if you need additional help!