Level 3 - October 2022 - Chinese Characters in Cantonese Pronunciation

Building on the 200 characters already learned

Important information!

Congratulations on learning 200 Chinese characters in Cantonese pronunciation!

In Level 3, we start the next 100 characters and hundreds of new combinations.  Plus, we now have the actual activity sheets from the curriculum so get ready for some intense workbook exercises!

Note that I'll be adding more to the course before we begin on MONDAY, OCTOBER 3RD, 2022.  

If you are a prospective new student -- ie. you have not taken levels 1 and 2 with me -- please email me at hello@cantolingo.com and we'll set up a time to Zoom and see if Level 3 is right for you!

Course Curriculum

Sue Marguerite

Hi! I'm Sue Marguerite and I'll be assisting you in learning Traditional Chinese Characters in Cantonese Pronunciation.

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