Level 2 - Traditional Chinese Characters in Cantonese Pronunciation

The next 100 characters and combinations

What you can expect in Level 2

In Level 2, we continue learning characters and combinations -- both Standard Written Chinese and any Cantonese equivalents. It starts to get real as we get more complicated characters and start reading stories!

As in the other levels with me, Sue Marguerite, you learn from the materials and videos, then attend Zoom sessions to ask questions, practice reading, do flashcard drills -- whatever you need that will help you learn more effectively.

You have three months from the time of purchase to take advantage of as many Zoom sessions as you'd like. After that, while the Zoom sessions end, you'll have access to the course materials and the community page for any additional help you may need.

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Note: Evening Zoom sessions change from week to week

Course Curriculum

Sue Marguerite

Hi! I'm Sue Marguerite and I'll be assisting you in learning Traditional Chinese Characters in Cantonese Pronunciation.


Of course! The curriculum from Chinese University builds on itself beautifully to ensure you get maximum exposure and usage of each character and the most common combinations.  

That's entirely up to you!  But on average, and working at a steady pace, it will take between 8 to 12 weeks to complete Level 2. 

You can always sign up for Zoom sessions on my calendly link. You can choose to create your own lesson schedule by choosing the same times each week, or be more flexible and just sign up for a session when you need help. 

There is no limit to the Zoom sessions you may attend during the first three months after you purchase the course. Afterwards, you can always ask questions in the community pages if you need additional help! 

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