Level 1 - Traditional Chinese Characters in Cantonese Pronunciation

First 100 characters and combinations

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You know how to speak Cantonese (or you're learning!), now learn to write traditional characters and read them in Cantonese pronunciation. Why learn characters in Cantonese pronunciation? Heritage speakers will feel a deeper connection to their family and heritage. Everyone who is learning to speak will have a whole new world opened up to them. Plus, it's tons of fun to write characters AND we're doing our part to SAVE CANTONESE and the stunning beauty of the TRADITIONAL CHARACTERS.

In Level 1, you'll learn these 100 characters:  

Lesson 1: 一、二、三、十、人、中、不、日、月、年、有、我、你、他、們、是、美、個、高、國

Lesson 2: 四,五,六,七,八,九,太,少,多,好,沒,兩,的,錶,很,第,都,買,貴,給

Lesson 3: 大,小,女,文,本,先, 生,百,那,姐,姓,英,看,書,校,這,塊 , 賣,學, 錢

Lesson 4: 也,今,可,些,所, 以, 因, 為, 朋, 友,做,事,要,昨,寫,字,吃,飯,會,教

Lesson 5: 上, 下, 兒, 子, 去, 來,坐,車,呢 , 嗎,明,在,船,舖, 樓, 頭、前、後、裏、外

Plus, their Cantonese equivalent, if any.

This university-level course is based on materials from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and supplemented with Vocabulary and Stroke Order videos, Activity sheets, Stroke Order writing sheets, and more -- it gives you all the tools you need to succeed.

Plus, you can check in with me on Zoom** during our weekly office hours where you can ask questions, practice your sentences or do flashcard drills

You can also post your questions or share learning tips on our private Community Page inside the curriculum.

**While your access to the course materials is evergreen, your access to Zoom calls is available for three months from the enrolment date of each level.

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note: EVening zooms change from week to week

Here are just some of the many benefits you’ll enjoy. 
You will: 

1.  Know, write and read 100 characters
2.  Know, write and read over 100 combinations using these characters
3.  Learn to write using proper stroke order
4.  Learn the radicals
5.  Learn how to look up words in the dictionary – written and online
Understand how Standard Written Chinese (SWC) differs from spoken Cantonese characters and know how to write and read both
7.  Learn to read meaningful sentences (from the very first lesson)
8.  Understand of how traditional characters came to be
9.  Understand of how traditional characters relate to simplified characters
10. Gain a greater understanding and appreciation of Cantonese culture
11. Feel more connected to your heritage (if that applies to you!)
12. Have a whole lot of fun! 

Sue Marguerite

Hi! I'm Sue Marguerite and I'll be assisting you in learning Traditional Chinese Characters in Cantonese Pronunciation.

Course Curriculum

"Sue is very sweet and humble, and her teaching style is one of providing guidance while also being really open to questions. Her ability to hear what the tone mistakes are and gently correct them is kind of a superpower! She's very encouraging and provides an open, welcoming atmosphere for learning, regardless of where you are on your Cantonese-learning journey."
J. Wong
Level 1 student
"I have been learning Cantonese for a few years now - just listening and speaking. But learning Chinese characters with Sue was a new experience and improved my understanding for Cantonese a lot. I like the way how Sue explains thing and enjoy very much to work with her as she is extremely friendly and pleasant teacher!"
Jens E.
Level 1, 2, and 3 student
"Sue is a great teacher! She is patient and knowledgeable. The classes are fun and go at an easeful pace where you don't feel overwhelmed. However, that does not mean you won't learn much. I am surprised at how much I have learned from the course. It is a great feeling recognizing Chinese characters, or even better, reading whole sentences!"
Level 1, 2 and 3 student

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes! The curriculum builds beautifully on itself, so you’ll see the same characters over and over. If you’re willing to put in the time to attend the Zoom sessions and then regularly practice with the flashcards and activities, you’ll be surprised how easily you learn and retain them. So yes, I guarantee that you can learn all 100 characters and combinations as well! 

Of course, it depends on where you're starting from, as well as the amount of work you'll put in, but on average, it takes no more than 8 weeks to complete all five lessons and learn all 100 characters and combinations in Level 1. 

From the date of enrolment, Zoom access is for three months. Level 1 generally does not take this long to complete, and you will have evergreen access to the course materials and the community page, even after Zoom access ends. 

No. You can attend any of the Zoom classes. They don't have to be the same week to week, but it’s strongly recommended to attend at least one of the sessions each week, especially if you're not getting outside help from family, friends or an outside tutor or teacher.

There is a Community Page right inside the course for asking questions and sharing. You can also email us any time at hello@cantolingo.com.

With all the video content added, you can do the course independently, but we strongly recommend attending at least one Zoom class a week to practice and touch base.  

Yes, we do have more advanced levels, including advanced reading with Gloria of Dope Chinese! 

Feel free to email us anytime at hello@cantolingo.com and we’ll be happy to answer them!

Your best time is NOW to learn Characters in Cantonese Pronunciation!

With Sue Marguerite and Gloria from Dope Chinese joining forces to bring you the best of both worlds, there's never been a better time to learn Traditional Characters in Cantonese Pronunciation.  If you have any unanswered questions, please feel free to reach out to Sue at hello@cantolingo.com or Gloria at dopechinesewithgloria@gmail.com

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